I – Instruction

IA Instructional Goals and Objectives 6/24/2021
IAA Notifications of Learning Objectives 4/2/2019
IB Academic Freedom 4/2/2019
IC/ID School Year/School Day 6/30/2022
IE Moment of Silence 6/30/2022
IEA Pledge of Allegiance 5/4/2021
IEB National Motto 6/25/2020
IEC Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States 6/30/2022
IF Curriculum Development and Adoption 6/30/2022
IFDE Distance Learning 6/22/1999
IGA Basic Instructional Program 6/23/2005
IGAD Career and Technical Education 6/27/2019
IGAE-IGAF Health Education/Physical Education 6/30/2022
IGAG Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco 6/30/2022
IGAH Family Life Education (FLE) 6/30/2022
IGAI Character Education 6/24/2021
IGAJ Driver Education 6/30/2022
IGAK Alternatives to Animal Dissection 4/2/2019
IGA-R Basic Instructional Program Grading System/Promotion-Retention (Regulation) 12/3/2019
IGBA Programs for Students with Disabilities 4/5/2022
IGBA-R Special Education Policies (Regulation) 1/2/2007
IGBB Programs for Gifted Students 4/5/2022
IGBC Parent and Family Engagement 6/24/2021
IGBC-R Parental Involvement (Regulation) 10/25/2007
IGBE Remedial and Summer Instruction Program 4/3/2018
IGBE-F SOQ Remediation Plan Schedule for Students "At Risk" or Failing One or More SOL Test 5/7/2002
IGBE-R Instruction Program for Remediation (Regulation) 5/7/2002
IGBF English Learners 6/27/2019

IGBG Off-Site Instruction and Virtual Courses 6/29/2023
IGBGA Online Courses and Virtual School Programs 6/27/2019
IGBH Alternative School Programs 5/4/2021
IGBI Advanced Placement Classes and Special Programs 6/28/2018
IGDA Student Organizations 4/5/2022
IGE Adult Education 6/28/2018
IHB Class Size 6/27/2016
IIA Instructional Materials 12/6/2022
IIAA Textbook Selection, Adoption, and Purchase 4/5/2016
IIAB Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption 12/6/2022
IIAE Innovative or Experimental Programs 4/3/2018
IIBD School Libraries/Media Centers 4/4/2023
IIBEA and GAB Acceptable Computer System Use 6/29/2023
IIBEA-E2 (also GAB-E1) Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement 6/27/2019
IICA Field Trips 5/4/2021
IICB (also IICC) Community Resource Persons/School Volunteers 5/4/2021
IJ Guidance and Counseling Program 6/24/2021
IJD College and Career Readiness 4/4/2023
IKA Parental Assistance with Instruction 5/6/2014
IKB Homework 5/6/2014
IKEB Acceleration 6/28/2018
IKF The Virginia Assessment Program and Graduation Requirements 6/29/2023
IKFA Locally Awarded Verified Credits 4/2/2019
IKFD Alternative Paths to Attaining Standard Units of Credit 4/4/2023
IKF-R Early Graduation (Regulation) 11/2/1998
IKG Remediation Recovery Program 5/5/2020
IKH Retaking SOL Assessments 4/2/2019
IL Testing Programs 6/29/2023
INB Teaching About Controversial Issues 5/4/2021

INDC Religion in the Schools 5/6/2014